Last Updated: August 1, 2014 00:11

Is Al-Shabaab getting information through recruited female cops?

“The criminals are even invited into our police lines and camps since they get into intimate relationships with the officers".

‘I can’t afford 800k monthly upkeep’,says billionaire Pius Ngugi

I do not have any income or resources that would enable me pay the grossly exaggerated annual sum of Sh9.6 million for the maintenance of my daughter.

Sonu leader boozing at Central Police

Cops at the Central Police Station were stunned after they allegedly spotted Sonu chairman Babu Owino and other students openly boozing at the station’s entrance.

Superhighway pedestrian deaths force police to act

According to the Kasarani Divisional Traffic Officer, Elena Wamuyu, many pedestrians cross the road carelessly. Arrested individuals are fined Sh500.

Is Ne-Yo coming to Kenya?

Mike updated his Facebook page, tagging all journalists and showbiz industry players, and posed: “Who would like to see Ne-Yo perform in Kenya?”